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We value our client’s trust and believe in the principle of truth in advertising. While most firms do not post their tax preparation prices online, we want our clients to understand the model behind our pricing and to have a clear method to estimate the cost of their return preparation.

It is important to understand that every tax return is different. The forms necessary to complete your tax return may vary from year to year as your situation changes. For that reason, final pricing is always subject to a client’s individual situation and the complexity of their return.

We offer free quotes for your specific tax situation upon request.

* Pricing based on the complexity of the return

** Any additional bookkeeping necessary will be charged at the hourly rate stated below.

1040 Individual Income Tax  - $155.00

Form 8812  Additional Child Tax Credit - $45.00

1040 Schedule D Capital Gains and Losses $60 plus $10 per item ($25 minimum)

1040 Schedule E (pg 1) Supplemental Income and Loss (Page 1 Rental Properties) $110 per rental **

1040 Schedule E (pg 2) Supplemental Income and Loss (Page 2 Partnerships/S Corps) $35 per form

1040 Schedule EIC Earned Income Credit $50 per form

1040 Schedule SE Self-Employment Tax $45 per form

2441 Child and Dependent Care Expense $45 per form

2106 Employee Business Expense $50 per form

3903 Moving Expenses $35 per form

2555 - Foreign Income Exclusion - $105.00

8863 Education Credits $55 per form

8917 Tuition & Fees Deduction $45 per form

1040-X Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return $175 per form

4562 Depreciation - $55

1041 US Estates and Trusts - $375 + (Starts at $350 + forms)

K-1 - $55 Each


Additional State Returns

State State Return (first) $75 first state - CA Returns are $105

State (additional) State Return (additional returns after the first) $85 additional states


Business Returns

Single Memeber LLC - $150.00

S-Corp Tax return - Average $250- $350

Sales Tax Form - $45


Payroll Tax Forms (Quarterlies & Annual Filings)

940 Employers Annual Federal Unemployment Tax Return $75 per form

941 Employers Quarterly Federal Tax Return $85 per form

944 Employers Annual Federal Tax Return $60 per form

1096 Annual Summary and Transmittal of U.S. Info Returns $60 per form

1099 Miscellaneous Income $15 per contractor

W-2 Wage and employee tax statement $15 per employee

Paychecks - $10.00 per employee each Pay Date

W-3 Transmittal of wage and tax statements $65 per form

Bookkeeping $180 an hour (2 hour minimum) -

RUSH Accounting Charges when work is due in less than 30 days $225 an hour (2-hour minimum)

Consultation $80 per hour

Quickbooks Monthly fee $90.00  a month for Software fees in addition to the Accounting/Bookinging hourly charges

Tax Return Copies after 30 days of filing - $2.50 per page


Court Issues, Subpoenas, and documents

Subpoena Responses - $225 an hour charged to the Client for document preparation and mailing (2-hour Minimum) + Attorney's fees

Court Ordered Document Copies $2.50 per page charged to the Requesting Attorney/Party

Depositions and Court ordered appearances and Preparations -  $250 per hour + Attorney fees (Billed to Client)

Forensic Accounting $250.00 per hour (2 hour minimum)

Tax Return Copies after 30 days of filing - $3.00 per page